We first met Frank from his days working with Besom but we’ve definitely seen a whole new side to him as he’s started fixing up and repairing bikes for us at B@titude. His energy, enthusiasm and smile is contagious and it’s fantastic to witness the joy that this initiative brings to him and the children who receive new bikes. It’s such a boost of positivity for us and we’re very thankful for his passion and generosity. We asked him some questions about his new found hobby and here’s what he said.


So how and when did this new initiative with bikes all start for you?

A friend had two boys bikes and asked me who he should donate them to. I suggested B@titude and that I would do them up first. They both came up really well and when I delivered them, Ruth asked if I could repair two bikes which were on the junk pile.. Also a B@titude volunteer asked if I could look at her daughter and son’s bikes which needed repair. That’s how it all started.

How do you obtain the bikes?

Tell people about B@titiude and ask them to look out for bikes. I get them from the Freecycle web site. I ask on behalf of B@titude and include the web site address. One family who offered a boy’s mountain bike on Freecycle were so taken with the B@titude web site they also offered two other boy’s mountain bikes in better condition which they were going to sell!

What is it about it all that makes you smile so much?

The bikes are transformed, they look like new to the children who are very excited when they receive them.

If someone wanted to donate any unwanted bikes, how could they get in touch? 

Drop them off at the B@titude shop or email me at frankc59@gmail.com and I will come and pick them up. Bikes in a bad condition are used as spare parts to get other bikes fixed. 

And lastly, any tips that you’ve learnt to pass onto bike owners whose bikes might need some tlc?

  • Oil the bike chain and moving parts on the brakes, gears and wheels with bike oil and use GT85 lubricant spray..
  • To remove rust on the chrome parts use kitchen foil crunched up. Wet with water,  GT85 or WD40 and rub the rusty area.
  • Where there is a lot of rust I use Hammerite direct to rust paint to touch up rusty parts. This means the part won’t rust again.
  • I also use Bike cleaner, Tyre shine deep gloss finish and Black pack for plastic parts all from the pound shop. Makes the bikes look really good.

IMG00396-20150822-1831 IMG00400-20150822-1911 mb2

Is there a new hobby waiting for you? Go for it!

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