Over the years the story of the shop has inspired others as they have thought about their communities and neighbourhoods. Stories are powerful and it is exciting that the heart of our little shop has played a part in encouraging others across the county, country and even Europe! We in turn have been inspired by the amazing individuals we have met and the stories we have heard. If you’re thinking about what your town needs and would like to hear about how B@titude started then please do get in touch and of course you are welcome to visit our shop anytime.

Here are some of those great initiatives;


Beattitudes Dorking

Dorking Beattitudes opened in March 2012 when the lovely Rosemary was inspired by Jenny’s story. The shop sells children’s clothes, toys and equipment. There is a coffee area for parents, grandparents and carers to relax and a small play area for the children. The shop is situated on St Martins Walk, RH4 1UT and is open on Mon-Fri 10-4:30pm & Saturdays 10-1pm. Call them on 01306 898387. Although our shops are very similar, we are set up as individual charities and support each other relationally.


The Hub & Growbaby, Surbiton & Germany

The aim of Growbaby is to provide good quality, new and second-hand, baby clothes and equipment (up to 5 years), completely free of charge, to anyone who needs it, regardless of their income, background, or faith. At present Growbaby is open on Wednesdays between 09.30 and 14.30 at the Hub.  You don’t have to make an appointment you can simply drop in, no referral form needed, everyone is welcome regardless of income, faith or background.

Ruth & Jenny visited Daniel & Miriam in Germany in 2011. They were able to spend the weekend with them, sharing stories from B@titude and it’s good to have connections like these. It was through them that we connected with The Hub in Surbiton.


 The Meeting Place – Bookham

We were thrilled to see ‘The meeting place’ open in 2014. They pioneer and manage a number of ‘hubs’ which benefit the community in a number of ways.

  • The Community Hub – The HQ of The Meeting Place. It functions as a shop selling children’s clothing and toys and serves as an access point for information about partner organisations and the support they offer locally.
  • The Café – sells speciality coffees and cakes and provides space for people to meet others and access support and information in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • The Language Hub – provides language skills and practice opportunities for those who speak English as a second language.
  • The Help Hub – A resource for anyone who needs a piece of equipment or particular service in times of crisis.
  • The Youth Hub – works in partnership with local churches and Surrey youth Service to set up targeted projects around young people’s interests and needs.
  • ‘The Meeting House’ – will be a residential home in Bookham, providing accommodation and low-level support for those who find themselves in unexpected transition. (in planning phase – watch this space!

Their phone number is 07425 133431

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