Sometimes when you’re planning a trip like Romania all the details and parts to organise can feel quite overwhelming and you can ask yourself whether it’s all worth it. Thankfully, it takes seconds for these feelings to subside when you’re reunited with friends you met last time, the childrens faces are beaming with smiles, they’re holding your hands and you see how much even a loaf of bread means to these families. We know it’s our friendship and listening ears which is so valuable to the village (and to us) but it’s fantastic to be able to provide them with needed supplies and practical support. We had a very busy few days in the village, here is what we got up to;


After reaching the hostel just after 3am on the Monday, the team had a bit of a lie in but it was great to be back in the village in the afternoon, seeing familiar faces and feeling so welcomed. There was lots of polinka (a very strong traditional spirit known as ‘fire water’) songs, and many hugs. Charlie & Sally arrived early evening with all the supplies. What a blessing they have been! Finishing with an early night to prepare for a busy few days.

IMG_0144 IMG_0189

On Tuesday we visited every home in the village, it was a very moving, powerful and precious time with the families and a good opportunity to hear their stories. We took each home a washing up bowl full of household bits. What seems to us as such a small amount is received with great thankfulness.

We invited households to come and collect gardening equipment, which was very welcomed. It was great to see families have already started their plots. They’re doing an excellent job.

IMG_0257  IMG_1362  IMG_0251

We witnessed the first shower for one family, the children had been saving up their dirty faces! Everyone was eager to get in. We’re looking to get a separate changing room built soon.

Photo 27-05-2015 9 35 18 am

On Wednesday we spent some time pampering the women, they showered for the first time, had their hair cut and the team got involved painting nails and doing make up.

We then set up our little shoe shop and invited the children (neediest first) to come and get fitted and get a good pair of shoes and underwear. They were overjoyed! It was very sad to witness the affect of wearing shoes that were too small or did not protect their feet properly in poor weather.

IMG_0482 IMG_0382

We supplied new baby packs to expectant mums and those with children under 12 months. The weather wasn’t great so the families enjoyed their 2nd ever community meal inside. More games, songs and cuddles. We were very sad to be leaving the next day.

IMG_0300 IMG_0478

The final day. We visited the local school and delivered lots of essential supplies. As we had some extra cash and time we had a last minute visit to every home, taking a loaf of bread, some cuddly toys & sweets for the children. We bought more shoes, wellies and other bits as we saw and heard the need. With genuine heartfelt words of blessings and appreciation from the villagers we said our sad goodbyes. We feel very proud of our team for all their generosity, compassion and hard work. Looking forward to planning the next trip.. even with all its challenges!


Thank you to everyone who supported this trip. It couldn’t have happened without you. To watch the video of our time together please click here.


Three weeks after we returned from Romania we heard the shocking and devastating news that a car crash had killed 5 people from/connected to the village, including two young pregnant women and their partners. A 3 year old girl was the only survivor and is currently in intensive care. They were travelling back to the village after working in Hungary. We were deeply saddened by the loss and desperate to do what we could to help. Jenny & Ruth have just returned from spending a few days comforting and praying with the families affected, helping towards the funeral expenses and to support Tim. He is like a father to the village and the hands and feet for Heart for Romania. Please pray for him and this community as they absorb the loss.


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