We recently had the joy and privilege of helping host Leatherhead’s first Kings & Queens event.  This is something that has been running in Roehampton for many years and we felt it was time to do something similar and special for the over 65’s in our community and especially for the elderly members who may at times feel overlooked and forgotten.

It was a truly wonderful event , the marquee on the recreation ground on Kingston Road looked amazing. The 110 guests enjoyed a superb sit down meal, afternoon of entertainment, free raffle and game of bingo. There was great support and team work to make it happen including young people from LYP and Therfield serving at the tables and we had over 40 volunteers making sure it ran smoothly on the day. It was a lot of fun!

Best of all the guests felt special, looked after and spoilt for a few hours and the comments back have been wonderful. This was such a good thing for us to get involved with and we are so grateful for the sponsorship from the  Community Foundation for Surrey and Mole Valley that ensured we could host it.


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